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106 Saxo BE Gearbox Conversion Kit

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Our very own kit to upgrade the 106 or Saxo to the much stronger BE3R or BE4 gearbox found in the 1600cc Picasso, Berlingo, Xsara.

Ideally recommended when tuning the 106 or saxo to extreme levels, e.g. Turbocharging/ Supercharging, where the stock MA gearbox is known to self destruct under severe torque levels.

The BE kit for 106 / Saxo offers a cheaper alternative to upgaded gear sets costing many thousands of pounds. (which often are not guaranteed for over 250bhp!)

Developed by ourselves on our own cars.

Designed to cope with the stress of competition use such as rallying and drag racing. Tested to over 450bhp.

Please note: we try to keep the price of the kit as low as possible, but constant price increases from Peugeot mean we periodically have to raise the price to match the purchase cost increase of the required parts. (in the past 10 years some of these parts have doubled in cost, and some of the smaller parts 3x more.)

Kit Includes:

  • Heavy duty upper and lower stainless steel engine mounts
  • Anodised alloy lower mount with adjustable rose joints
  • Heavy duty custom clutch cable with metal fittings for added reliability when used with uprated clutches - no more snapped ends!
  • Satchshift Gearchange Kit
  • Clutch fork, Cable carrier bracket, Custom pivot
  • Crankshaft Position Sensor and Bracket
  • Includes ALL nuts and bolts and fixings.

Key Features:

  • Available in Right hand drive or Left hand drive options
  • Works with standard clutch and flywheel set up
  • Can be made to work with twin plate clutch
  • Wide range of ratios within the BE gearbox range
  • Cheap alternative to custom gearsets


*NO gearbox included*
*NO driveshafts included*
*PAS Pump requires removal or re-location*
*CPS Timing angle requires altering within ECU - figures available for Omex*

Installation guide notes:

Clutch cable suits small hole pedal boxes, the large hole pedal box can have a plate welded to it to "convert" to small hole pedal box, or replace pedal box for small hole type. Clutch cable to clutch pedal must be greased on installation and as part of routine maintenance. Engine mounts can be bolted straight to an unmodified gearbox casing, if you wish to "level up" the engine the gearbox casing can be cut down, note bolts will need making shorter. 

Please specify right of left hand drive + standard type or twin plate clutch when ordering, this can be done in the "notes" field upon checkout.