• Turbosmart Power-Gate60

Part Numbers:
BLUE: TS-0503-1001
BLACK: TS-0503-1002

DESCRIPTION: 60mm external wastegate. With a superior flow path and high temperature resistance the Power-Gate60 is a market leader in its sector, outperforming all similarly sized wastegates. The shielded diaphragm housing ensures excellent heat handling capabilities.

APPLICATION: Suitable for extreme performance turbocharged engines with an external wastegate turbo system. Suits 2.50” outside diameter pipe.

SUPPLIED WITH: 7psi outer spring (fitted), 10 psi middle spring, inlet and outlet weld flanges and V-band clamps, valve seat and 2 x 1/8 NPT vacuum fittings. Kit Builder Packs available to customer specifications.

Power-Gate60 Spares and Accessories

  • WG50 & WG60 Spring 7 PSI inner - Black/White TS-0502-2002
  • WG50 & WG60 Spring 7 PSI outer - Black/Purple TS-0502-2003
  • WG50 & WG60 Spring 10 PSI middle -Black/Blue TS-0502-2004
  • WG50 & WG60 Spring 14 PSI middle - Black/Yellow TS-0502-2005
  • WG60 Inlet Weld Flange TS-0503-3001
  • WG60 Outlet Weld Flange TS-0503-3002
  • WG60 Valve Seat TS-0503-3003
  • WG60 Inlet V-Band Clamp TS-0503-3004
  • WG60 Outlet V-Band Clamp TS-0503-3005
  • WG Valve Guide O-Ring TS-0501-3004
  • WG Diaphragm Replacement TS-0501-3001

Turbosmart Power-Gate60

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