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ECU REMAPPING Essex     -     Telephone Today : 01268 773377

what makes Atspeed Racing unique?

Our tunes work in harmony with the stock engine control system, rather than tricking it to do something its not meant to short, we work with the ECU, not against it. The result is an all round better quality tune.

Whether you want higher power, more torque and smoother gains across the rev range, a broader power band, or simply better fuel economy, then Atspeed Racing have the knowledge and capability to shape your engines characteristics to deliver the ultimate package, often better than OEM. The vehicle can be completely returned to its original state at any time. We do not change settings to dramatic levels or use boost spiking for a "feels quick" effect, where in reailty performance and reliabilty would be comprimised due to the ECU often adapting away from these dangerous levels.

Only want more fuel economy? no problem. Our economy tuning is unique in the industry, removing limits set by the manufacturer that will free torque to give smoother engine pick up and return better MPG under normal driving, we have seen up to 20% fuel savings on some cars.

Commercial vehicles and Vans are also a speciality. Got a business with a fleet of vans or lorries and want to cut fuel costs? Contact us.

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