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Boost Control

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Boost Control
Gizzmo IBC-R Version 2 Slim Electronic Boost Controller

 Incorporating RPM-Dependant boost control, we have been able to get a STANDARD Mitsubishi EVO 5 (with a remap) to hold a stable and solid 19.5psi fro..

£259.00 Ex Tax: £215.83

Gizzmo MS-IBC Version 3 Compact Multi Scramble Intelligent Boost Controller MSIBC

 In developing the MS-IBC Boost Controller, the aim was to design and engineer a boost controller that would cater to the serious drag racing professi..

£208.99 Ex Tax: £174.16

Turbosmart Boost Tee

Turbosmarts entry level manual boost controller. unlike other inferior boost bleed tee's on the market, the Turbosmart Boost Tee's gated system contro..

£65.94 Ex Tax: £54.95

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