TTV Clutches & Friction Plates

Engineered Clutches For Competition - Made in the UK 

We have been manufacturing special clutches for some time for OE applications and Race Series around the world. Our small multi-plate clutches have been engineered to exceed the performance levels required in their class without compromise. Like all our racing components the clutches are made by us in the UK so spares are readily available along with helpful advice and information to support the product.

From Stock TTV Racing can offer a full range of race clutch sizes; 140mm, 184mm, 200mm & 215mm.

: Engineered Clutches For Road & Track-day

Uprated clutches are a must for fast road or track day vehicles. OEM clutches are not designed to cope with the extra heat generated from tuned engines or track days. This is where uprated clutches can help,  increased clamp loads and  different materials on the friction plate means its performance will not deteriorate so quickly when hot.

It was pointed out to us by our customers time after time that the clutches being offered by others were not really correct for the vehicle application and torque seemed to be the defining factor. For example a race clutch for pure road use would be awful in traffic, yet nobody offered a road type clutch to suit this high torque. With forced induction cars being the majority market a quick and cheap remap can easily push a stock clutch outside of its working abilities.

Like our customers we soon saw the problems, and since then have spent considerable time designing and developing a range of high torque clutches for road and track day use where the driver requires a refined feel, lightweight clutch release and the ability to carry much higher torque than standard without having to opt for a race type clutch.

TTV Racing have pushed the road clutch boundaries with bespoke designs that incorporate the best materials and machining, taking our knowledge of race clutches and refining them for the road.

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