Dyno Hire:

Dyno Cell Hire is available to Race Teams, Professional Engine Tuners & Automotive Businesses upon request.

Morning, Afternoon and Evening* sessions available. Includes dyno operator.

Why consider Dyno Hire?

* Add credibility to your business and validate product performance
* Research and development to bring new products to market
* Back up your reputation with proven results
* Test your work > eliminate comebacks
* Check engine performance on used car trade-ins
* Real time diagnostic and fault finding
* Access to a rolling road for mapping backed up with on hand expertise

Dyno Hire Rates

Half Day £250 morning/afternoon (8-12am/1-5pm)

Full Day £450 (8-5pm less hour lunch break 12-1)

Evening Hire £150 per hour (5.30pm til late) 

Contract Hire £POA We can also hire the dyno out exclusively on a weekly / monthly contract basis. Please contact us to discuss options and pricing. All prices are +VAT.


Inside the Dyno Cell lies our 1000BHP Clayton 2WD chassis dynomometer, capable of inertia (2000bhp) and FULL LOAD testing upto 1000BHP, whilst handling speeds of up to 200mph. This rolling road has one of the highest power capacities known in the UK, making us popular with some of the UKs leading tuners.

The Clayton Dyno is embedded into the workshop floor, its low profile allows even the lowest of todays modern race cars to be tested without the common ride height issues, including formula type race cars, and group C etc.

The dyno cell has numerous cooling and extraction fans, and is capable of changing the air in the dyno bay 4 times a minute, resulting in a more accurate, safer test environment for you and your car. The main cooling fan is capable of keeping a well designed cooling system on a 600+ BHP car cool for many hours of continuous dyno testing. In addition to this we also have multiple free standing fans for vehicles with multiple radiators, and complex cooling requirements, such as rear mounted intercoolers and cooling packages.


Atspeed use TAT software. This allows pretty much limitless channels to be monitored, including: AFR, Boost, Torque, BHP, Exhaust Gas Temperatures and many MANY more! Dyno print outs are available, and graphs can be overlaid for comparison. These are just a few of TAT features, the possibilities with this software are almost endless.

Our dyno and TAT software gives REAL and consistent figures, we do not sell any “performance enchancing” products or “remaps” – in short, our dyno is a piece of test equipment NOT a sales tool. This is why companies and professionals such as AER, Mountune, Caterham, Xpower, Joe Stevens, Terry Dolphin, Field Motorsport, John Danby Racing, and even Colleges/Universities have all used our facilities for in chassis testing and calibration.


  • 2wd 1000bhp rolling road – large diameter single roller with steady state ability
  • TAT computer data acquisition software
  • Data logging of power, torque, rpm, air fuel ratios, boost* as standard
  • Additional equipment for knock detection, EGTs, additional temperatures & more
  • Repeatable and accurate results to within <0.1%
  • PC stored test results for comparisons and print outs
  • Spectating/waiting room with full view of the test cell, data screen with tea & coffee facilities & FREE wifi