Its not uncommon for classic cars to suffer with dirt or residue build up affecting the performance or appearance of the carburettor. We are able to strip and ultrasonically clean carburettor bodies, butterflies and jets to an almost new appearance. Ultrasonic cleaning will also clean the areas that carb cleaner or brushing can’t get to. 
Note: This is a cleaning service aimed at resolving running issues and/or surface soiling and cannot reverse the effect of corrosion. Repair works and parts are charged additionally.
Prices: From £50+vat  + Service Kit/Parts
Typical Parts (if required): Service kits, Gaskets, Diaphrams etc
Any additional repair work, such as removal of broken screws/jets, seized spindles etc is charged at our workshop hourly rate
We can also offer a carburettor restoration service. This service will typically exceed the cost of a new or replacement carburettor and as such is aimed at concours or show cars where the original carburettor is no longer available but repairs or appearance are required to meet an “as new” condition where available. £POA

Service Kits also available